Iraq War 2003

In 2003 I was commissioned to work unilaterally covering the conflict in Iraq with journalist Chris Hughes of The Daily Mirror. Together we exclusively broke the story of a dreadful 48 hours in Fallujah and were present for the second of two 'massacres' by US troops. These events are largely seen by many as being the birth of the insurgency in Iraq and indeed the beginning of a history of troubles in the Middle East. We also witnessed the tragic 'reclaiming of the dead' where relatives exhumed the remains of their loved ones who died at the hands of regime murderers in Abu Graib prison. Chris and I cam under fire and worked in extreme danger for 6 weeks. We finally left the country after an attempted car-jacking made operating impossible. Our work was achieved, and indeed our welfare secured by our brave and tenacious Iraqi fixer and driver Adil and Nebras.

Fallujah 2003. American soldiers open fire on a peaceful demonstration following a massacre at another demonstration the day before. Two were killed and 16 injured.
Demonstrators try to dodge the bullets by ducking down behind any cover. For some this meant just the curb.
Shot at point blank range. Together with journalist Chris Hughes we broke the story of Fallujah in The Daily Mirror in what is now regarded by many as the 48 hours which started the insurgency in Iraq, and led this part of the world to where it is today.
"Reclaiming the Dead" at Abu Graib prison. Families of victims of Sadam's torture and death chambers at Abu Graib exhume skeletal remains of their families to take for a proper burial.
A looter cries as he is caught and arrested by an American soldier.
An 'excited' American soldier threatens to 'blow the f***in brains out' of either of these two looters if they try to escape.
A mother hears the tragic news that her child is unlikely to live due to the lack of basic medicines in the children's hospital.
Father and son after an explosion at a munitions dump exploded close to a village.
Fallujah demonstration.
Baghdad 'Gun Market'. AK47's and knives available to buy on the black market despite allied ban on civilians holding any weapons.
A man demonstrates a 'torture suit' found in a mosque in Sadam City which was used by the regime during the questioning and torturing of Shia Muslims.
Boy looks on as American soldiers guard a bank in the central area of Baghdad.

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